Corona CT 70

Schüco Corona CT 70 windows constitute a combination of proven functionality as well as high acoustic and thermal insulation. They are available in 3 variants: Classic, Rondo and Cava.

The profiles are made in the five-chamber technology, which at the depth of 70 mm and the sash width of 82 mm significantly reduces heat losses. Corona CT 70 windows constitute an optimal solution for renovation of the already existing buildings.


Schüco LivIng windows provide new possibilities in terms of shape, color and texture of the surface. The innovative system responds to all requirements of comfort, security and energy efficiency. Windows and doors made of plastic, (PVC-U) Schüco LivIng, present recognized quality and durability of the Schüco products.

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HST sliding doors

HST lift and slide doors are intended for large-size solutions both in the house and in the office. They are based on CT 70 and SI 82 profiles and provide the comfort of use even with the leaf weight up to 400 kg. Thanks to the low-threshold structure, they are ideal for connecting rooms without communication barriers. The excellent thermal insulation is ensured by the use of a number of innovative solutions, such as multi-chamber PVC profiles, a thermally insulated frame and leaves with the depth of 82 mm.

PSK tilt and slide doors

Tilt and slide doors with large glazing undoubtedly constitute an innovation in the house architecture. It allows to light rooms, which at the same time, results in their visual enlargement. The comfort of using the sliding doors goes hand in hand with thermal insulation and safety. The sliding doors with PSK 200­Z and PSK 160 systems are equipped with anti-theft heads preventing from breaking down the sash. The multi-chamber system used in the the profile’s frame and leaf provides low heat permeability.

entrance doors

Entrance doors quite rightly determine the style of a house or a building. They fulfil a representative role, and at the same time, must take care of the safety of residents. The aspect, which is not irrelevant, includes thermal insulation. Thanks to different series of profiles, such as Schüco ADS 112 IC, the entrance doors, which meet the requirements for passive houses, are available. Another advantage involves a thermally insulated threshold protecting from bad weather.

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